Check Aadhar Pan Card Link Status OR Link Aadhar Pan Card Online 2023

Aadhaar card with your PAN card or how to link them online. Please note that procedures and online platforms may have changed since then, so I recommend verifying the latest information from official sources.

**Check Aadhaar-PAN Link Status:**

To check the status of your Aadhaar-PAN linking, you typically follow these steps:

1. Visit the official Income Tax e-filing website (

2. Look for the "Link Aadhaar" option. This might be under the "Quick Links" section on the homepage.

3. Click on "Link Aadhaar."

4. Provide your PAN and Aadhaar details in the respective fields.

5. Enter the captcha code or OTP (One-Time Password) sent to your registered mobile number.

6. After entering the required details and completing the verification process, you will be able to see the status of your Aadhaar-PAN linking.

**Link Aadhaar and PAN Online:**

To link your Aadhaar card with your PAN card, you would generally follow these steps:

1. Visit the official Income Tax e-filing website (

2. Find and click on the "Link Aadhaar" option.

3. Provide your PAN and Aadhaar details in the appropriate fields.

4. Enter the captcha code or OTP sent to your registered mobile number.

5. Verify the details and submit the request for linking Aadhaar and PAN.

6. Upon successful verification, a confirmation message will be displayed, indicating that your Aadhaar and PAN have been linked.

Important Dates:-

Aadhaar Card and PAN Card.

**Important Dates and Last Date for Linking Aadhaar Card and PAN Card:**

- **Last Date:** 30th June 2023

The last date for linking Aadhaar Card and PAN Card is a significant deadline set by the government for individuals to complete the process of linking their Aadhaar and PAN cards. This linkage is an important step for individuals to ensure seamless and accurate financial transactions and to comply with government regulations.

The linkage of Aadhaar Card and PAN Card is typically done to streamline and track financial transactions, prevent tax evasion, and promote transparency in financial dealings. This process helps the government and relevant authorities to have a better understanding of an individual's financial profile and enables them to monitor and track financial activities effectively.

If the last date for linking Aadhaar and PAN cards is set for 30th June 2023, individuals are advised to ensure that they complete the linking process before this deadline to avoid any potential consequences or penalties.

Application Fee:-

The information you've provided seems to pertain to an application fee for a specific exam or service.

- **Application Fee:** ₹1000/-

- **Payment Methods:** The application fee can be paid through various methods, which include:

  - Debit Card

  - Credit Card

  - Net Banking

  - UPI

  - Offline Fee Mode

Always refer to the official notification or website related to the specific exam or service to get the most accurate and up-to-date information about application fees and payment methods.

How to Check Aadhar Card Pan Card Link Status 2023-

Aadhaar card-PAN card link status:

1. **Visit the Official Website:**

   Go to the official website designated by the government or relevant authorities for Aadhaar-PAN linkage. Ensure that you are using the official and secure website.

2. **Locate the Link Aadhaar-PAN Section:**

   Look for the section on the website that is specifically dedicated to linking Aadhaar with PAN or checking the link status. This section may be labeled as "Link Aadhaar-PAN," "Aadhaar-PAN Link Status," or something similar.

3. **Enter Aadhaar and PAN Details:**

   In the provided fields, enter your Aadhaar card number and PAN card number. Double-check the accuracy of the information you enter to avoid errors.

4. **Submit the Information:**

   After entering the required details, click on the "Submit" button or similar option to proceed.

5. **Check Link Status:**

   Once you submit the information, the portal will process the data and display the link status of your Aadhaar card and PAN card. It will indicate whether your Aadhaar card and PAN card are successfully linked or not.

6. **Follow Additional Instructions (if any):**

   If the link status shows that your Aadhaar and PAN are not linked, the portal may provide further instructions on how to complete the linking process. Follow any additional steps or guidelines provided.

7. **Confirmation and Print (if required):**

   If your Aadhaar and PAN cards are successfully linked, the portal may provide a confirmation message. You can take a screenshot or print this confirmation for your records.

Additionally, the specified last date for linking Aadhaar and PAN cards is March 31, 2023. It is important to complete this process before the deadline to avoid any potential consequences or penalties.

Official Website:-

The official website of the Income Tax Department of India is This website serves as a comprehensive online platform for individuals, taxpayers, businesses, and other stakeholders to access information, resources, and services related to income tax matters in India. Here is an overview of what you might find on the official website:

1. **Taxpayer Services:** The website provides a range of services and resources for taxpayers, including:

   - Filing Income Tax Returns (ITR)

   - Online tax payment

   - Tracking refund status

   - Downloading forms and documents

   - Calculating tax liabilities

   - Accessing income tax e-filing services

2. **Aadhaar-PAN Linking:** As mentioned earlier, you can link your Aadhaar card and PAN card through this website. You can also check the link status and get guidance on the process.

3. **News and Updates:** The website offers the latest news, notifications, and updates related to income tax rules, policies, and regulations.

4. **Downloads:** You can download income tax forms, tax return utilities, and other documents required for tax-related processes.

5. **Taxpayer Education:** The website may provide resources to educate taxpayers about various aspects of income tax, including tutorials and FAQs.

6. **E-Filing Portal:** The official e-filing portal enables taxpayers to electronically file their income tax returns and manage their tax-related activities online.

7. **e-Verify:** Taxpayers can use this feature to electronically verify their income tax returns after filing them online.

8. **Tax Calculator:** The website may offer tools to calculate income tax liabilities, deductions, and exemptions.

9. **Help and Support:** Contact information for customer support, helpline numbers, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) may be available to assist users.

10. **Legal and Regulatory Information:** The website might provide access to important legal documents, circulars, and notifications related to income tax laws.

Check Aadhar Card / Pan Card Link Status


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