Indian Coast Guard Vacancy Advt 35 MTS, Store Keeper, Civilian Motor Transport Driver Recruitment 2023 - 2024

An Indian Coast Guard job notification is an official announcement issued by the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) to inform interested candidates about job vacancies within the organization. The notification provides detailed information about various aspects of the job, such as eligibility criteria, application process, important dates, selection procedure, and other relevant details.

Here's what you might expect to find in an Indian Coast Guard job notification:

1. **Job Vacancies:** The notification will specify the number of vacancies available for various positions within the Indian Coast Guard. These positions could range from Navik (General Duty), Yantrik, Assistant Commandant, and other roles within different branches.

2. **Eligibility Criteria:** The eligibility criteria will include details about age limits, educational qualifications, nationality, and any other specific requirements for each position. Different positions may have different eligibility criteria.

3. **Application Process:** The notification will outline the procedure for applying, including whether the application is online or offline, the application fee (if any), and the documents that need to be submitted along with the application.

4. **Important Dates:** The notification will provide key dates such as the start and end dates for submitting applications, dates for admit card release, exam dates (if applicable), and result declaration dates.

5. **Selection Procedure:** The notification will explain the selection process, including the stages involved, such as written tests, physical fitness tests, medical examinations, interviews, etc. It will also provide information about the weightage of different stages in the final selection.

6. **Pay Scale and Benefits:** Information about the salary or pay scale for the selected candidates, as well as any additional benefits or allowances, will be mentioned in the notification.

7. **Training Details:** For some positions, the notification may include details about the training period, location, and curriculum that the selected candidates will undergo.

8. **Contact Information:** The notification will provide contact details or a helpline for candidates to seek clarifications or assistance related to the application process.

9. **Official Links:** Links to the official website where candidates can find more detailed information and apply online will be included.

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provided information appears to be a list of various job positions and the corresponding number of vacancies available for recruitment within the Indian Coast Guard. These vacancies are for different roles, each with its own specific job responsibilities and qualifications.

1. **Store Keeper Grade II - 01 Vacancy:**

   This position involves managing and maintaining inventory and supplies. The Store Keeper Grade II is responsible for maintaining records, handling stock, and ensuring proper storage and distribution of items.

2. **Engine Driver - 04 Vacancies:**

   An Engine Driver is responsible for operating and maintaining the engines of vessels or boats. This role involves ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the vessel's engines.

3. **Draughtsman - 01 Vacancy:**

   A Draughtsman is involved in creating detailed technical drawings, plans, and diagrams. This position is crucial for design and construction projects.

4. **Civilian Motor Transport Driver (Ordinary Grade) - 04 Vacancies:**

   The Civilian Motor Transport Driver is responsible for driving and maintaining vehicles. This role involves transporting goods, personnel, or equipment.

5. **Forklift Operator - 01 Vacancy:**

   A Forklift Operator operates a forklift to lift, move, and position heavy materials. This role is often seen in logistics and warehouse settings.

6. **Welder (Skilled) - 01 Vacancy:**

   A Skilled Welder is responsible for joining metal parts using various welding techniques. This role requires expertise in welding processes and safety procedures.

7. **Lascar - 08 Vacancies:**

   A Lascar typically performs general duties aboard ships and boats. This role could involve assisting with navigation, maintenance, and other tasks as required.

8. **MTS (Peon) - 02 Vacancies:**

   Multi-Tasking Staff (Peon) performs various supportive tasks such as office maintenance, delivering documents, and assisting in daily operations.

9. **MTS (Sweeper) - 02 Vacancies:**

   Multi-Tasking Staff (Sweeper) is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of the designated area or premises.

10. **Unskilled Labourer - 01 Vacancy:**

    An Unskilled Labourer performs manual labor tasks that do not require specialized skills. This could include tasks such as loading/unloading, carrying, and assisting in basic activities.

Qualification Required:-

 Here's a breakdown of what each qualification entails:

1. **10th (Matriculation):**

   This refers to the completion of secondary education up to the 10th grade. Aspirants should have passed their 10th-grade board examinations from a recognized educational board or institution.

2. **12th (Higher Secondary):**

   This indicates the successful completion of higher secondary education up to the 12th grade. Aspirants should have passed their 12th-grade board examinations from a recognized educational board or institution.

3. **Diploma in Engineering:**

   This qualification signifies the completion of a diploma program in engineering from a recognized institute. A diploma in engineering typically involves specialized training in a particular field of engineering, such as mechanical, electrical, civil, etc. It is usually a three-year course.

The requirement for these qualifications can vary according to the specific job roles within the Indian Coast Guard. Different positions may have different minimum educational requirements based on the skills and expertise needed for the role. It's important to note that the qualifications specified in the job notification are meant to ensure that candidates possess the necessary educational background to perform the duties associated with the positions effectively.

Age Requirement:-

Here's an explanation of the age requirements for each post:

1. **Post 1 and Post 3:**

   Candidates applying for Post 1 and Post 3 must be between the ages of 18 and 25 years. This means that applicants should have attained a minimum age of 18 years and should not exceed 25 years of age as of the specified date. These positions typically have a narrower age range, indicating a preference for younger applicants.

2. **Post 2 and Post 7:**

   For Post 2 and Post 7, candidates' ages should fall between 18 and 30 years. This implies that candidates must be at least 18 years old and must not have crossed 30 years of age as of the mentioned date. These positions might have a slightly wider age range compared to the first set of posts.

3. **Post 4 to Post 6, Post 8 to Post 10:**

   Candidates applying for Post 4 through Post 6 and Post 8 through Post 10 must have ages ranging between 18 and 27 years. This means that candidates should be at least 18 years old and not more than 27 years old as of the specified date. These positions appear to have a similar age range as the second set of posts.

The specified age ranges are crucial as they define the eligibility criteria for applying for each position. The range indicates the acceptable age bracket within which candidates must fall in order to be considered for the respective posts. It's important for candidates to carefully review and ensure that they meet the age requirements as mentioned in the official job notification.

Salary Details:-

Here's a breakdown of the salary information for each category:

1. **Salary of Rs. 19,900 – 63,200/- (Post 1,4-6):**

   Candidates who are successfully selected for posts falling under this salary range will receive a monthly salary within the range of Rs. 19,900 to Rs. 63,200. This salary scale typically reflects the remuneration for roles that require different levels of responsibility, skills, and experience.

2. **Salary of Rs. 25,500-81,100/- (Post 2,3):**

   For positions categorized under this salary range, the selected candidates will be entitled to a monthly salary within the range of Rs. 25,500 to Rs. 81,100. This higher pay scale could be associated with positions that demand specialized skills, expertise, or experience.

3. **Salary of Rs. 18,000-56,900/- (Post 7-10):**

   Applicants who are appointed to posts within this salary range will receive a monthly salary that falls between Rs. 18,000 and Rs. 56,900. This pay scale is likely to apply to positions that involve certain basic responsibilities and skill sets.

Address Application:-

Here's a description of the address for sending applications:

**Address for Application:**

Headquarters, Coast Guard Region (West)

Worli Sea Face PO., Worli Colony,

Mumbai – 400 030

This address indicates the specific destination where interested candidates should send their application forms or relevant documents as part of the application process for the Indian Coast Guard positions. It's important to ensure that the address is accurately written on the envelope or package to avoid any delivery issues.

Important Date to Keep in Mind:-

The "Important Date to Keep in Mind"  Here's a description of this date:

**End Date to Submit Hard Copy of Application Form: 04-09-2023**

This date signifies the deadline for submitting the physical or hard copy of the application form for the Indian Coast Guard recruitment. It means that candidates interested in applying for the advertised positions must ensure that their complete and correctly filled-out application forms, along with all required documents, reach the designated address on or before September 4, 2023.

Submitting the application form before the specified deadline is crucial to ensuring that your application is considered in the recruitment process. Missing the deadline could result in your application being rejected or not considered for further stages of selection.

Official Website:-

The official website of the Indian Coast Guard,, serves as the central online platform where individuals can access a wide range of information, updates, and resources related to the Indian Coast Guard's activities, operations, recruitment, and more. Here's a description of the official website:


The official website of the Indian Coast Guard provides a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for visitors to access various services and information. Here are some key features and aspects of the website:

1. **Home Page:** The homepage typically presents an overview of the Indian Coast Guard's role, mission, and recent news highlights. It may also provide quick links to important sections of the website.

2. **Navigation Menu:** A structured menu system allows visitors to navigate through different sections of the website, such as About Us, Recruitment, Operations, Contact Information, and more.

3. **Recruitment Section:** This section provides details about ongoing and upcoming recruitment drives, job notifications, application procedures, eligibility criteria, and other information related to joining the Indian Coast Guard.

4. **News and Updates:** The website may feature news releases, announcements, and updates about the Indian Coast Guard's activities, achievements, and important events.

5. **Operations and Activities:** Visitors can learn about the various operations, exercises, and missions undertaken by the Indian Coast Guard to safeguard maritime interests, protect the coastline, and ensure maritime security.

6. **Downloads:** This section might offer downloadable resources such as application forms, brochures, guidelines, and other documents related to the Indian Coast Guard.

7. **Contact Information:** Information about how to get in touch with different Coast Guard units, offices, and officials, including contact details for queries and assistance.

8. **Photo and Video Galleries:** Visual content showcasing the Indian Coast Guard's personnel, vessels, equipment, and operations may be available in photo and video galleries.

9. **Social Media Integration:** Links to official social media profiles of the Indian Coast Guard may be provided, allowing visitors to stay updated on the latest developments through social media platforms.

10. **FAQs:** Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to recruitment, operations, eligibility, and other topics might be available to address common queries.

11. **Language Options:** The website might offer multiple language options to cater to a diverse audience.

12. **Accessibility and Navigation:** The website is designed to be accessible to a wide range of users, and user-friendly navigation tools make it easy to find relevant information.

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1. **Q: How do I apply for a job in the Indian Coast Guard?**

   A: To apply for a job in the Indian Coast Guard, visit the official website at and follow the instructions provided in the recruitment section. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and submit your application before the specified deadline.

2. **Q: What are the eligibility criteria for joining as an Assistant Commandant?**

   A: To join as an Assistant Commandant, you generally need a bachelor's degree from a recognized university, and the age limit is usually between 18 and 24 years. Detailed eligibility requirements can be found in the official job notification.

3. **Q: Can females apply for positions in the Indian Coast Guard?**

   A: Yes, the Indian Coast Guard often offers opportunities for both male and female candidates in various roles. The eligibility criteria and available positions for females can be found in the official recruitment notifications.

4. **Q: What is the selection process for Navik (General Duty) positions?**

   A: The selection process for Navik (General Duty) positions typically includes a written exam, physical fitness test, medical examination, and document verification. Candidates must qualify in each stage to progress to the next.

5. **Q: How can I download my admit card for the written examination?**

   A: Admit cards are usually available for download from the official website. Log in using your registration details and follow the instructions to download and print your admit card. It's essential to carry the admit card to the examination center.

6. **Q: What documents are required for the document verification stage?**

   A: Documents usually required include educational certificates, identity proof, caste certificate (if applicable), and other relevant documents. Refer to the official notification for the complete list of required documents.

7. **Q: Is there any relaxation in the age limit for reserved category candidates?**

   A: Yes, there is often relaxation in the upper age limit for candidates belonging to reserved categories such as SC/ST/OBC. The extent of relaxation varies and is specified in the official notification.

8. **Q: What are the physical fitness requirements for the roles of Lascar and Unskilled Labourer?**

   A: Physical fitness requirements, such as height, weight, and physical endurance standards, are detailed in the official notification. Candidates must fulfill these criteria to be eligible for these positions.

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Application Fee:-

The information you've provided seems to pertain to an application fee for a specific exam or service.

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